We tackle some of our region’s most pressing challenges

We tackle some of our region’s most pressing challenges


A membership of proven innovators and forward thinkers

Challenge Seattle is an alliance of 23 organizations that represent some of our region’s largest employers and most successful innovators. Led by former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire, we harness our members’ bold thinking, committed leadership, unique resources, and world-class talent to tackle some of our region’s most pressing civic challenges, such as homelessness and racial equity.


Initiatives grounded in partnership and focused on action

From education to transportation, Challenge Seattle initiatives combine partnerships across sectors with data-informed actionable solutions to achieve real and sustainable results.


Data, analysis, and insights to inform the way forward

Our reports ask and answer critical questions about our region’s future, informed by state-of-the-art data analytics, public and private sector insights, intensive case studies, and field-specific best practices.

Latest Reports

Latest Reports

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