Are Mega-Wildfires Our New Normal?

Are Mega-Wildfires Our New Normal?

By Challenge Seattle and Boston Consulting Group

While there are a multitude of reasons for the advent of mega-wildfires, a hard truth rises to the surface through this project: We, the public, are a leading cause of the problem—and a crucial part of the solution.

“We started over 2/3 of the wildfires from 2016-2020; policies enacted in the last century led our forests to become unhealthy, full of kindling to fuel fires; and, an increase in wildfires is only one manifestation of the climate crisis we now face.

“That also means we represent a powerful and essential part of the solution. In many cases, the actions themselves are small, but the impact is big, especially when we all commit.

“The biggest challenges we face cannot be solved by any one person or organization. The era of mega-wildfires is one of those challenges. The government, businesses, Indigenous communities, and nonprofits are already at the table, doing the work to build a healthy environment and resilient, protected communities. It’s time to take our seat and get to work.”

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