Challenge Seattle 2023 Annual Report

Challenge Seattle 2023 Annual Report

By Challenge Seattle

In 2023, Challenge Seattle took on some of the biggest issues facing our city and state. We spotlighted the places in our community where more action is needed, convened experts to collaborate on a response, and provided answers to inform our way forward.

“The role of our organization is to dream big, outline paths for bold action, and help our partners across sectors achieve their visions for our city, county, and state. That work is on display in this annual report, and it’s the kind of work you can expect from us in 2024 and beyond.

“None of this work was done by us alone. It occurred thanks to our partners across sectors and across the state. Like the University of Washington’s 1936 Olympic gold medal-winning crew team—the “boys in the boat”—by working together, we have achieved big, sometimes seemingly impossible, things.”

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