CASCADIA 2050 VISION: Moving to Climate Action

CASCADIA 2050 VISION: Moving to Climate Action

By Cascadia Innovation Corridor, Challenge Seattle, Business Council of British Columbia, and Boston Consulting Group

Now is the time to partner to address one of the greatest challenges of our time: the threat of climate change to the Cascadia region and the world.

“Our vision for Cascadia is to become the world’s first sustainable mega-region by 2050. In this future state, housing is affordable, mass transit is accessible, and we meet the Paris Agreement goals. Realizing this vision requires us to address the urgent and massive climate challenge head on, taking action to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions here and abroad while adapting to the effects of climate change that are here and now. In doing so, we can ensure a more equitable and prosperous reality, with thriving businesses, healthy communities, and a brighter future for Cascadia.

“From our spirit of innovation to our shared values and natural environment, we are gifted with inherent strengths as a mega-region that position us to be leaders in the climate response. In the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, our trademark approach for tackling the biggest challenges of our time has always been collaboration through partnerships. Experience has shown us that we can do more and go farther together. We firmly believe a partnership approach represents our greatest asset and holds the greatest promise for addressing the climate crisis as a mega-region.”

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