Challenge Seattle 2022 Annual Report

Challenge Seattle 2022 Annual Report

By Challenge Seattle

Through the last few years, we have seen what is possible when we band together—across sectors, communities, and borders.

“The last few years have been trying for our community, and as we look to recover, we must address the acute challenges our families, neighbors, and businesses are facing. At the same time, we must have a vision and plan for tomorrow, so we can manifest a reality of equity and prosperity for the Greater Seattle region.

“At Challenge Seattle, this dual focus has guided us and our work throughout 2022. From chronic homelessness to racial equity and more, we homed in on the more pressing challenges that require immediate action. At the same time, we began planning today for the future, from securing funding for ultra-high-speed ground transportation, to outlining a roadmap for Cascadia to tackle the climate crisis.”

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